So Far From Home

by The Hollowed

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released March 17, 2012



all rights reserved


The Hollowed California

Thought Provoking Post Hardcore from Southern California

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Track Name: Exposure
I am a silhouette perched on these broken hands,
I am nothing more than a figure in the dark.
Hold me down, temptation’s seeping at the edge
and Lord I know this won’t be the last mistake that I make.
Tonight is a perfect example of the carelessness
that human hearts carry when arbitrations are to be made.
And when the world ends, will there be angels?
Will heaven call out my name, bring me closer to the gates.
I’ve exposed myself to the core for you.
Stripped bare and careless towards what I believe,
all in hopes that my heart heals by your touch.
Need I be reminded comfort shan’t be granted
by your hands, but by His touch?
Tonight my hands are stained with regret.
I’ll recite my imperfections with no regards or indiscretions.
I’ll lay with regret on my chest and I’ll ask once more…
When the world ends, will there be angels?
Will heaven call out my name?
Bring me closer to the gates.
Track Name: Receiving Satellites
I have fallen from you again,

but I swear I want to set myself apart.

I just can’t let myself keep letting you down

I have this fear that I’ll fall from your grace again, 

will you catch me though I can’t make amends?

Would you compromise?

I’m receiving signs from satellites

they’ll be my guide so I won’t stray away.

Tell me when I’m at the line that meets the loss,

tell me when I’ve gone too far, so I won’t stray away.

Can’t you see I’m trying here?

Trying not to lose my place.

Just hold me close to you so I won’t drift away.

Temptation calls to me, I’ve done some awful things.

You are the anchor that can fix me to the ground.

I’m losing hope, (I can hardly breathe now)

I’m losing sleep (I think I’m losing strength)

how could I stray so carelessly. (I’m so lost, when will I be found?)

As I look towards a new direction,
as we have once before.
I know we can't go wrong,
just look me in the eye and tell me where to go.

Deep in my mind lays of fragment of doubt,

a fragment of who I once was.

My heart, my hands have been surrendered to you

(I know at times I just feel the need to runaway)
and I trust the decision I’ve made.
(But I’m receiving satellites to ensure I will stay)

Though my doubts are beginning to rise,

(just tell me when I’ve crossed the line)
I ask that you lead me to your grace.
(the line that meets the loss)
Track Name: Consequences
I’ve fractured the veil over my eyes,
now receptive to deceit I’ve found a compromise.
And now I realize that we are diseased,
the substance is key to keep our minds at ease.
I hope this fallacy isn’t what keeps us together,
if so we’ve wasted our time with a tainted endeavor.

I pray that we will one day see,
the dishonesty that’s vexed my very beliefs.
I know heaven calls for something greater than this;
something far more consistent.

They preach acceptance,
yet abnegate us for our transgressions.
They preach benevolence,
yet breathe malevolence
with lack of comprehension,
how long will this last?

We are traitors by definition,
and we will pay for our indiscretions.
and surely we will realize,
the consequences to the choices we’ve have made,
and surely we will realize we’ve been deceived.
Track Name: Foreign Body
To recreate this burden in my mind has left my heart in a bind.
You speak to me in fragments while my body lays to rest,
and wake me to a misery my eyes cannot digest.

If this is what you call love, then throw me out to sea.
You’re penitent at the bitter end of every bottle,
still veiled with dishonesty.

Tie me down and cast me out to sea,
as you watch me drown, make sure to breathe in deep.
When you walk away, play the victim once again,
I will wish you well as I fight for my last breath.

Only a fool would give out such a vital organ,
Only a fool would allow their heart to collapse
Don’t you ever say that I slighted you
Don’t you ever say I abandoned you
Only a fool would believe in such a lie.
Call me a fool.

This ship has set sail and surely I will carry on.
This ship has set sail and surely I have carried on.
Track Name: I Was Once A Sinking Ship
Tie me down, I feel this ship is sinking.
Lord, I know that the grace I’ve received is not what I deserve.
If hope is lost, then I’m a ship lost at sea,
I have erred off my course and I will reconcile.

The waves were crashing like the world inside my head,
for once I realized there is no bliss in ignorance.
This revelation’s forced my heart towards relapse
and though my vessels torn, these hands will remain clasped.

I stare towards the ocean as this ship is slowly submerging.
I pray that we make it out alive, for your sake,
I hope that we can make it out alive.

When will rescue ships be coming for me,
I’m slowly drowning and I can hardly breathe.

Capitalize my doubts through ink & thread
and watch me fall to my knees again & again
or will you watch me drown and let the water spread?
after all I’ve built this travesty inside my head.

Tie me down, I feel this ship is sinking.
Track Name: Wolves At The Door
We will rise once again,
as the traitors march to their graves,
We will sing a song of praise and glory will be ours we are not afraid.

Stand up your time is now,
to recreate the world which we surround.
Hold your head high, make your voice heard.
Show them what this is really worth.

My hands are tied this time,
when will we realize that there is something more
to be gained from this?

My God, what have we done, this cycle will not last.
Our world is falling apart by our own hands.

Swing low sweet chariot,
these frauds have no place in your home,
they’re all wolves in sheep’s skin.
So swing low sweet chariot,
I’m on my way home.